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Coastal Communities for Climate Action (CCCA) Mission Statement

Coastal Communities for Climate Action was established because of local concern about global climate breakdown and environmental collapse.

Our focus is on sharing and generating ideas for a more sustainable lifestyle as well as engaging in lobbying and campaigning to combat biodiversity loss and climate change.


–         Sharing ideas around a more sustainable lifestyle in terms of reducing our waste and carbon footprint, encouraging biodiversity and mitigating the effects of sea level rise.

–         Generating new ideas and local solutions to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change.

–         Lobby at a local level for the implementation of existing and new climate policies.

–         Campaign for further and more effective action to combat climate change.

–         Acknowledge the ethical and political implications of the climate crisis, and actively embrace the idea of climate justice.


–         Explore areas of concern with the potential to yield adaptive action through dedicated working groups.

–         Members commit to review their lifestyle and to implement changes in their personal lives.

–         Compile and disseminate ideas for lifestyle changes via social media and elsewhere.

–         Engage with and support other local groups in practical initiatives.

–         Network with local and statutory bodies, NGOs, and the local authority to ensure the implementation of existing climate action policies and the development of further strategies.

–         Develop strategies to campaign for further and more effective local action to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

–         Support the rights of all people who are suffering the negative effects of climate change


–         CCCA is a democratic, non-profit making group and is not affiliated with any political party.

–         We are committed to positively promote diversity within the group.

–         All information CCCA disseminates shall be evidenced-based, empowering and non-threatening.

–         CCCA engages in nonviolent direct action.