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We are especially keen to flag local groups, organisations and businesses who are working to make a positive impact in the world so please email to let us know of any we may have missed.

While our focus is Westport, Co Mayo, we also welcome eco friendly resources from across Ireland and the whole world.

Environmental  Groups in Westport Co Mayo and beyond

Many CCCA members are also part of other eco friendly groups in Westport and beyond. These include Coast Cleaners – Mayo, Eco Congregation and Extinction Rebellion (and of course XR Mayo), We want to support each other rather than duplicating efforts or diluting resources.

You can listen to a CCCA founding member Joanne Maye on CRCfm HERE

And read this piece about Westport Eco Congregation in the Mayo News by Pat Fahy, another CCCA founding member.

Changing the way we eat is a way in which we can all take better care of ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

In Westport, we benefit from Zero Waste Pax Whole Foods, Ylang Ylang, organic food at Westport Country Market every Thursday morning and Glasrai veggie boxes and Saturday mornings at the Octagon

The Greenway is a wonderful resource for cyclists and walkers in Westport and beyond. As well as bike hire options for tourists, residents benefit from bike repairs by Tom Vamos and Westport Bike Hire

Trains and buses also serve the area and, for many, the Local Link – Mayo mini bus initiative enables more frequent journeys in and out of town.

From upcycling and recycling to practical, sustainable waste solutions, we all need help let go with less guilt.

Groups such as Zero Waste Freecylce MAYO mean people can source what they need and send what they don’t to an appreciative new home.

And much as we might want to be minimalists and use things until they wear out, we can make eco friendly choices wherever possible.

This section will have ideas for ways in which you can reduce your footprint in a way that feels sustainable for you and your family as well as fun for the kids.

Westport benefits from bookshops (including Seamus Duffy’s The Bookshop on Bridge Street, Tertulia by the Quay and McLoughlin’s on Shop Street) where we can order books including Jane Fonda’s What Can We Do? Isabel Losada’s The Joyful Environmentalist and Jini Reddy’s Wanderland

Local artists including Pauline Garavan and the Quayside Gallery artists work with reclaimed materials.

The Westport Town Hall Theatre puts on planet friendly events

DapDap (created in Westport) has environmental events listed amongst others.

There are lots of organic, vegan options in Westport. From Westport Design and Ylang Ylang to Pax (again), the Essence range at the pharmacy opposite Westport Design and more.

Capelli Hair offer vegan and eco friendly product options.

Taking care of the earth is the ultimate in self care. There’s a link between the ways in which we treat the planet, our life support system, and our own bodies.

For thousands of years, we humans lived more sustainably and in tune with nature’s cycles and rhythms. As ancient wisdom is being rediscovered and re-remembered, connecting with the earth not only nourishes us (and helps us avoid burnout) but can help us find a more sustainable way forward.

From Clew Bay Bike Hire , Westport Bike Hire and Westport Bike Shop to walking tours, we live in a healing landscape. It can inspire and empower us to do all we can to take care of our life support system. The earth.

This section will showcase gift ideas which don’t cost the earth.